"Project on Promoting Building Safety for Disaster Risk Reduction in the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh"

Bangladesh, locating at the southern region of the Himalayas, where is one of the most earthquake prone areas in the world. The potential danger caused by the earthquakes has been pointed out. Eight Magnitude 7 or greater earthquakes occurred during about 100 years after the 1897 Great Assam Earthquake. Among the earthquakes, the 2015 Gorkha Earthquake occurred in the neighboring country of Nepal that gave more than 8,000 people of victims in April in 2015. Even in Bangladesh, though 500km or more away from the epicenter, more than 200 injuries, including 4 deaths were appeared. In April 2013, a tenant building, that contained a ready-made garment factory, of illegal construction and illegal extension, as well as construction work defects, has made a large-scale collapse accident. The collapse killed 1,135 people. It had a major impact on the garment industry which has supported the Bangladesh economy. In order to protect the people's lives in Bangladesh, and to prop up the solid economic growth of the country, it is an urgent issue to promote efforts to strengthen safety of buildings as well as to reduce the disaster risk in urban areas.

Therefore, the Government of Bangladesh requested the Government of Japan technical cooperation through “Project on Promoting Building Safety for Disaster Risk Reduction in The People’s Republic of Bangladesh (BSPP)” for 1) human resource development, 2) enhancement of technical capacity, and 3) regulatory system development, on building safety in August 2014. Under this circumstance, Record of Discussion is signed and exchanged between the Government of Bangladesh and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to implement the project with the purpose of reducing disaster risks in urban areas by realizing building safety in December 2015.

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